Horticulture   N 75


No 75


Grynyk I.V., Volvach P.V., Panasiuk B.Ya. Volodymyr Symyrenko: reformation of the horticultural science and creation of the All-Union Research Institute of fruit and small fruit farming  in Kyiv. P. 5-17

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Boldyzheva L. D. Breeding for obtaining apple (Malus domestica Borkh) im-mune cultivars. P.31-37

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Pavliuk V.V., Kovalchuk N.S. Perlyna as a new strawberry (Fragaria ananassa L.) cultivar for the berries consumption as fresh and for freezing. P.50-58

Moskalets T.Z., Grynyk I.V., Moskalets V.V., Bublyk M.O., Kniaziuk .V., Kravts .., kchuk .. State and perspectives of the breeding and growing in the modern horticulture of Ukraine minor fruit and soft fruit berries crops.  P.58-78

Shevchuk I.V. Peculliarities of seasonal the plum fruit moth (Grapholita fune-brana Tr.) flight dynamics of in plum orchards (Prunus domestica L.). P.78-86

Kryvoshapka V.A., ytaiev .., Moskalets V.V., Moskalets T.Z., Kondratenko N.G. Evaluation of the sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) cultivars and hybrid forms drought-resistance under the conditions of the Ukraines Lisosteppe. P.86-91

Makarova  D.G., Vasylenko V.I., Trokhymchuk A.I. Weather changes monitor-ing and their influence on the cherry (Cerasus vulgaris Mill.) valuable breeding genetic fund productivity in the Lisosteppe of Ukraine. P.92-101

Vasylenko V.I., Moiseichenko N.V., Kytaiev O.I., Grusha V.V. Functional state of the new sweet cherry (Cerasus avium L.) cultivars trees leaves photosynthetic apparatus in the Ukraines Lisosteppe. P.102-110

Maliuk T.V., Pcholkina N.G., Kozlova L.V. Nutrients boom as an indicator of the fruit crops requrements in mineral nutrition P.110-120

Nagorna L.V., Yudytska I.V. Environmentally safe measures for regulating the number of harmful organisms in peach (Persica vulgaris Mill.) orchards P.120-126

Nagorna L.V. Biodestructors efficiency against sweet cherry (Cerasus avium Moench.) Coccomyces hiemalis Higg.  P.127-131

Odyntsova V.A. Determination of the dates of the sweet cherry (Cerasus avium Moench.) trees  dormant period completion and beginning of flowering. P.132-136

Filiov V.V., Kryvoshapka V.A., ytaiev .., Vasiuta V.M. Peculiarities of functioning of the plum (Prunus domestica L.) perspective cultivars and forms  trees leaves photosynthetic apparatus. P.137-145

Khodakivska Yu.B., Matviienko M.V. New perspective pear (Pirus communis L.) cultivars bred at the Institute of Horticulture, NAAS of Ukraine. P.145-150

Shevchuk L.M., Grynyk I.V., Chmyr S.M. Peculiarities of the biochemical com-position of the fruits of the cultivars of sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoider L.) bred at the Institute of Horticulture, NAAS of Ukraine.  P.150-157

Lagutenko O.T., Rudnyk-Ivashchenko O.I., Shevel L.O. Peculiarities of the Callistephus chinensis (L.) Nees. seeds features of germination. P.157-166

Matviienko M.V., Bublyk M.O., Khodakivska Yu.B. Eilbert (Hazel) (Corylus maxima Mill.) bole culture on the tree-like rootstocks P.166-173

Kostenko V.., Kiktenko .F. Creation of walnut (Juglans regia L.) orchards by means of densing fruit-ful vineyards. P.174-183

Polgorodnik O.G., Gradchenko S.I., Barabash L.O. Ekonomic efficiency of the bioprepations application when goosberry (Ribes uva-crispa L.) under the condi-tions of the Ukraine`s Lisosteppe.    P.184-190

Tereshchenko Ya., Yareshchenko . Evaluation of drough-resistance of the red and white currnt varieties (Ribes vulgare L.) by the method of the tissues elec-tric conductivity determination. P.191-196

Rudnyk-Ivashchenko O.I., Kryvoshapka V.A., Tsandur M.M., Grusha V.V. Sensitivity of the actinidia (Actinidia arguta Siebold & Zucc.) plants above ground part to the low temperatures effect. P.197-204

Lytovchenko A.M., Moskalets T.Z., Moskalets V.V., Kuznetsov A.V., Tokar A.Yu., Vovkohon .H. Technological basis for the formation of the quality of wine materials from the sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) depending fruits on  their processing methods and yeast species diversity. P.205-217

Rybna T.V. Perspective varieties blackberry (Rubus L.)  for growing under the conditions of the North-East Lisosteppe of Ukraine P.217-221

Sokolov V.O., Pryvalov I.S., Kornuta Yu.P., Tymoshok I.V. Substanion of the design and technological parameters of the rotary cultivator for the soil tillage in the orchard round-of-stem and inter stem belts. P.222-227

Vasylchenko N.V. Organic production of the fruit and small fruit products as the perspective direction in the horticulture of the Sum region. P.228-234

Salo I.A. Theoretical approaches to the regulatory costs formation on the plant cultivars qualification expert assessment.    P.234-244

Veretiuk S.V., Patyka T.I., Patyka N.V., Boiko M.V. Structural and spatial or-ganization of the microbial biom of the rhiosphere of plants of eternal green such (Buxus sempervirens L.). P.244-250

Dubrovsky V.I., Schwartau V.V., Mykhalska L.. Photosynthesis and crop: problems, achievements, research prospects P.251-256