Eilbert (Hazel) bole culture on the tree-like rootstocks 

DOI: 10.35205/0558-1125-2020-75-166-173

UDC 634.54:631.541.11:634.1.047



M.O. BUBLYK, Doctor, Professor 


Institute of Horticulture, NAAS of Ukraine, 03027, Kyiv-27, 23, Sadova st., e-mail: lab.plod@ukr.net

The authors have proved the hazel cultivation efficiency in the world and Ukraine. The expediency of this crop growing on the rootstock has been substantiated on the basis of the expedionary inspections of the hazel bole plants revealed in Ukraine. The problems of the grafted plants bole height have been considered, the crown forms, their formation technology recommended as well as the trees planting plans in the orchard. The bole height has proved to influence not only the habit but also sprouting formation of the under the conditions of such an orchard exploitation period. It appeared that hen creating hazel industrial orchards on its tree-like rootstocks it is important to elaborate the crown forms and bole height the parameters of which would ensure high productivity, limit the crown habit and enable to mechanize the fruits collection. The spherical and spindle-like crowns are proposed that are formed on a certain bole height, the latter form differing from the former by a less frit branches amount orientated concerning the row area (5-8).   Hazel industrial orchards with the bole culture at present it is mainly are recommended to be established using the planting plan 7-6 х 6-4 m. But when choosing a concrete plan, first of all, the cultivar vigour should be taken into account like under the as well as the crown form, bole height and the fact that this orchard practically does not need irrigation. It is possible to foresee with great probability that the habit parameters of a bush-tree crown can be regulated by the bole height like concerning other fruit crops. However, the final conclusion cannot be made so far because of the lack of the facts as regards cultivars. Besides, it is a bush-tree that is studied and such sign as early-ripening occurs in those constructions in different ways. The necessity is stressed of improving the technology of the hazel grafted planting trees reproduction.

Key words: hazel, nuts production, bole culture, bush-tree, crown form, planting plan.

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