Organic production of the fruit and small fruit products as the perspective direc-tion in the horticulture of the Sum region

DOI: 10.35205/0558-1125-2020-75-228-234

UDC 338.432:338.439.5


N.V. VASYLCHENKO, Research Worker

Sumy Experimental Horticulture Station of IH NAAS of Ukraine, Maly Sambir, 1a, Tsentralna St., e-mail:

The state of organic fruit and small fruit products market in the Sumy region, which has been analyzed in the article, both in Ukraine and as a whole, has a positive development dynamics, because the society demands healthy food and preserving the environment. The organic horticulture of Sumy region deserves special attention and urgency, since it produces high-quality vitamin products and has a natural and economic potential to increase the share of both small fruit and fruit products. The factors have been determined under the influence of which the assortment market policy is formed. The formation of the organic products market in Ukraine and the Sumy region in particular is formed mainly to thanks external factors. The structure of the regional organic horticultural products market is due to the global trends and willingness of Sumshchyna producers to develop new segments. The internal factors include the growing demand for healthy food and improving living standards. The data about the number of operators of the regional market of organic products, are elucidated as well as their organizational and legal form and scope of activity. The production of the organic small fruit products in the region has appeared to be carried out by economic entities of different organizational and legal management forms. That has enabled to identify the problematic aspects and determine the areas of their support by the state. The problem aspects of functioning of operators of the organic fruit and small fruit market and prospects of their further development are defined. The successful model of the organic small and medium businesses in the horticulture field is the search for a potential consumer, and then direct manufacturing. At the state and regional level, attention should be paid not only to the organic market operators, but also to stimulating consumer demand for the organic products. The stimulation of the close cooperation of the agricultural education institutions in the Sumy region with the enterprises will provide training in the organic production field and solve the major problem of the organic market operators – staffing.

Key words: organic manufacturing, organic products, market, fruit and small fruit products, factors, trend, demand.

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