Creation of walnut orchards by means of densing fruit-ful vineyards

DOI: 10.35205/0558-1125-2020-75-174-183

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Institute of Horticulture NAAS of Ukraine, 03027, Kyiv-27, 23, Sadova st., е-mail:

М.F. KIKTENKO, Honourary Professor of the Institute of Horticulture NAAS of Ukraine 

Farm «Gospodarul Rediu», Rediul-de-Sus, Falesti comuna «Albinetul-Vechi», Republica Moldova, MD-5911, е-mail: 

The profound analysis of the walnut cultivation current state in the world and role of Ukraine in this process is made by the authors V. Kostenko and N. Kiktenko in the paper. The substantiation has been presented of the necessity and opportunities for the areas and gross productions of nuts increasing in Ukraine. That is accounted for by the high profitability level of its production and export potential in the products sales. The cost estimate for creating young walnut stands is demonstrated as well as of managing them. The technology of growing grape hybrid Isabella is described. Weighty argument of lack of prospects end  economic inexpediency of its cultivation in Moldova and Ukraine are presented as well as the of cost estimate of planting establishment and growing one hectare of walnut. The natural and climatic zone of the enterprise establishment is described, on the basis of which a production experiment was conducted. 

This is described in details. The number of treatments against diseases and pests is given. The results are presented of accounting for the yield and income from the vineyard for the period of the researches.  The planting plan of the experimental orchard, a hole, scale of fertilizing during planting are described, as well as technological peculiarities of the walnut trees formation in the row of fruiting vineyards. The walnut planting tock assortment is indicated. The results are presented of accounting for the nuts yield by years and cultivars. The authors also described the mycorhiza effects on the development of walnut planting trees and vine bushes. Moreover, the summaries are provided of the videos that were periodically posted on the Internet during the experiment. The recommendations to the producers are also presented.

Key words: walnut, young orchard, cultivar, orchard densing, production experiment.    

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