No 78


Bublyk M.O., Grynyk I.V., Barabash L.O., Chorna H.A., Fryziuk L.A. Impact of climate change on fruit crops in the context of global research ..... 5-25

Bolobon N.M. Influence of soil and climate conditions on yield strawberry (Fragaria ananassa L.) ...... 26-31

Voloshyna V.V. New varieties of apple trees (Malus domestica Borkh.) of the L.P. Symyrenko Research Station of Pomology ..... 32-36

Havrylets N.I., Mykychuk O.I., Kazantsev M.V. New perspective pear (Pirus communis L.) cultivars bred at the Prydnistrovska Research Station of Horticulture, IH NAAS of Ukraine ..... 37-40

Khodakivska Yu.B. Winter resistance of new perspective varieties and elite forms of pear (Pirus communis L.) of the Institute of Horticulture, NAAS of Ukraine ....... 41-44

Lushpigan O.P., Yaruta О.Y., Martynenko S.V., Martynenko E.V. New prospective varieties of gooseberry (Ribes uva-crispa L.) selected by the Institute of Horticulture, NAAS of Ukraine  ....... 45-49

Polgorodnik O.H., Hradchenko S.I., Lushpihan O.P., Martynenko S.V. Resistance of gooseberry (Ribes uva-crispa L.) against the american powdery mildew (Sphaerotheka mors-uvae Berk, et Curt.) in the Western Lisosteppe of Ukraine ......

Moskalets T.Z., Moskalets V.V. Results of formation of Viburnum opulus L. gene fund for priority directions of breeding in the fruit growing and decorative horticulture system ...... 55-68

Tykhyi T.I., Lytvyn O.M. Collective plants of Syringa vulgaris L. of domestic and foreign selection in the conditions of the Right-Bank Lisosteppe of Ukraine ...... 69-72

Shevel L.O., Rudnyk-Ivashchenko О.I., Yaruta О.Ya. Genetic-immunological and methodological aspects of increasing the efficiency of the study and selective use of the Callistephus chinensis (L.) Nees. gene fund ...... 73-79

Kishchak O.A., Slobodianiuk A.V., Kishchak Yu.P., Telepenko Yu.Yu. Frost resistance of the large-fruited sweet cherry (Cerasus avium Moench.) cultivars in the Right-Bank of the Western Lisosteppe of Ukraine ..... 79-87

Ignatenko O.O. Resistance of domestic and foreign breeding apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) varieties to Monilia Cinerea Bonord in Western Lisosteppe of Ukraine ...... 87-93

Grynyk I.V., Yezhov V.M. Aromatic plants as a source of biologically active substances with insecticidal, fungicidal and bactericidal effects..... 93-96

Makarova D.G., Lushpigan O.P., Hrusha V.V., Martynenko S.V. Features of the functioning of the pigment complex and yield of gooseberry (Ribes uva-crispa L.) of domestic breeding in the Western Lisosteppe of Ukraine ...... 97-103

Tsandur M.М. Mineral composition of Actinidia arguta in the conditions of the Northern Steppe on the Black Sea coast .....

Leus V., Shubenko L., Kubrak S. Efficiency of the application of bio preparations in the intensive apple orchard of Kharkiv Fruit Company LLC .....  111-120

Yaremko N.O., Medvedyeva T.V., Natalchuk T.A., Zapolsky Y.S., Udovychenko K.M. Propagation and rooting of rootstocks for plum group crops in vitro  ......  120-127

Sobol V.A., Natalchuk D.Yu. The effectiveness of using herbicides in the nursery when growing seedlings of fruit crops .....  127-134

Dubrovskyi V.I., Haievskyi A.V. The influence of stimulants on the rooting of mulberry cuttings (Morus alba L.) ..... 134-138

Tymoshok I.V., Kornuta Yu.P., Sokolov V.O. Justification of the design and technological parameters of the machine for digging fruit crop seedlings ......  139-144

Kondratenko T.Yе., Barabash L.O., Kondratenko P.V. Status and prospects of apple production in raw orchards of Ukraine .....  144-160

Kostenko V.M., Grynyk R.I., Pechko V.S. Impact of the activities of professional scientific institutions and state financial support on the state of horticulture and vine-producing industry of Ukraine ......  161-172

Kostyuk L.A. Sustainable development of horticulture: methodological approaches to sustainability assessment and its modeling ......  172-180

Yehorova T.M. Biogeochemical fundamentals of the development of horticulture in Ukraine ....... 180-186

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