Horticulture   N 67

No 67

Grynyk I.V., Bublyk M.O., Udovychenko V.M., Fryzyuk L.A. Scientific fundamentals of the production of the sanitated fruit and small fruit crops planting stock

Adamyen F.F., Plugatar Yu. V., Stashkina A.F.  Present day state and perspectives of the fruit growing development in Crimea 

Breeding and strain investigation 

Mykychuk O.I., Bublyk M.O. Drought resistance and yield of the pear (Pirus communis L.) cultivars in the Prykarpattya and Naddnistryanshchyna

Kondratenko T.Y., Gavruk T.D. The best apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) cultivars bred in Mliiv

Potanin D.V., Kashirina D.A.  Studying of the adaptability of the new apple (Malus domestia Bork.) winter cultivars bred in ukraine in the foothill Crimea

Vasilyeva M.N. Economic value of the plum diploid cultivars (collection of the Institute of Fruit Growing)

Yakhymovych O.V., Yakhymovych L.B. Productional testing of the best raspberry (Rubus L.) inland and introduced  cultivars in the Ukraine`s Eastern Lisosteppe

Maidebura V.I., Grynyk I.V., Moiseichenko N.V., Sobol V.A., Makarova D.G., Kishchak H.A., Babina R.D. Growth and fruitbearing of apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) on clonal rootstocks in the conditions of Prysyvashshya

Dyadchenko D. O.  Reasearching the apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) vegetative rootstocks of the Ukrainian breeding

Babina R.D., Khoruzhy P.G., Lyapugin I.V.  Yield and quality of fruits of pear (Pirus communis L.) on the quince (Cydonia sp.) clonal and seed rootstocks

Lyapugin I.V. Estimation of pear (Pirus communis L.) cultivar-rootstock combinations under the conditions of the foothill  of Crimea 

Nursery practice  

Maidebura V.I., Grynyk I.V., Knyga M.M., Moiseichenko N.V., Sobol V.A., Makarova D.G., Kishchak H.A., Babina R.D. Growing true-rooted planting trees of stone fruit crops

Yeryomin G.V., Yeryomin V.G., Vasyuta S.A. Kuban86 as a perspective clonal roots-tock for stone fruit crops

Kondratenko P.V. Actual problems of producing strawberry (Fragaria ananassa Duch.) sound planting stock

Kucher L.I., Kucher R.A.  Parameters of the root system of the pear (Pirus communis L.) low hybrids seedlings depending on the seed sowing terms

Kremenchuk R.I. Intensivity of lighting of trees of various sweet cherry(Cerasus avium Moench.) cultivar rootstock combinations

Gybalo V. M., Tykhy . .  Influence of preparation terms, metamerism and growth re-gulating substancies on root formation and development of actinidia (Actinidia sp.) soft cuttings 

Orchards technologies 

Babintseva N.A. Nature of apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) trees growth and fruitbearing in Crimea depending on the pruning terms

Turbin P.A. Inoculation height and planting depth influence on the sweet cherry (Cerasus avium Moench.) trees growth and fruit bearing

Ripamelnyk V. P., Borodai O. Y. Affection of apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) new cultivars and hybrid forms by powder mildew and scab depending on weather and agro-technical conditions

Nastalenko I. P.  Field evaluation of pear (Pirus communis L.) varieties resistance against main diseases and pests in the Podillya

Stranishyevskaya H.P., Shadura N.I. Efficiency of the incecticide Spintor 240 SC against Cherry Fruit Flu (Rhagoletis cerasi L.) on sweet cherry (Cerasus avium Moench.) and cherry (Cerasus vulgaris Mill.)

Rusin O.O. Estimation of  the  fungicides toxicity against the pathogene of the  strawberry (Fragaria ananassa Duch.) common  leaf  spot

Kava L.P.  Control over the strawberry mite

Grechkovskyi D. I., Rudnik-Ivashchenko O. I. Effect of the fertilizing doses and ways on the efficiency of the apple (Malus domestica Bork.) fruits growing on the grey forest soil

Maidebura V.I., Grynyk I.V., Moiseichenko N.V., Sobol V.A., Makarova D.G., Kishchak H.A., Babina R.D. Favourability of main soils in the Northern Steppe of Crimea for growing fruit crops 

Microbiology, virology, mechanization, economics  

Patyka T.I., Patyka M.V., iev .., Goncharuk J.D. Optimization of the technologies for the development and application of the microbiological preparations of the phytoprotective action based on the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis

Tryapitsyna N.V., Yareshchenko O.M., Medvedyeva T.V., Udovychenko .M., Lushpigan O.P., Suprun K.I. The dominant viruses in bushy small fruit crops patches

Tymoshok I.V., Barabash L.O., Fryzyuk L.A. Mechanization of fruit crops intense orchards planting

Salo I.A. Efficiency of the fruits production by horticultural enterprises of different types in Ukraine

Sotnik A.I. Influence of cultivar-rootstock combinations on the peach (Persica vulgaris Mill.) fruits quality

Tankevich V.V. Assessment of the quality of the apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) promising cultivar-rootstock combinations fruits in Crimea 

History of the Ukrainian horticulture 

Lazorenko J.I. The unforgettable Symyrenkos 

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