Ethylene inhibitor Oberig(PRO) efficiency in the control of the apple fruits physiological decays when storing them

DOI: 10.35205/0558-1125-2018-73-136-142
UDC 631.576:634.11:632.95:631.563


L. M. SHEVCHUK, Doctor
Institute of Horticulture, NAAS of Ukraine, 03027, Kyiv-27, 23, Sadova st., e-mail:

As a result of tests the of growth regulator OberigPRO effectiveness was established, the active substance was 1-methylcyclopropene. Its use slows down the processes of the post-harvest fruits repening and at the same time contributes to the preservation of their quality physical and consumer indicators. The apples treated with this preparation are characterized with the longer prolonged residual storage effect, less susceptible to the affection by the physiological disorders and microbiological rots. In particular, the fruits treated with OberigPRO were stored in the common cooled atmosphere longer than in thecontrol. Thus, the the cultivar apples Jonagold was keeping quality term prolonged by 40 days, Golden Delicious by 43, and Rainette Symyrenko - by 30 days, the Rainette Symyrenko marketable apples percentage while processing with 1- ICP by the storage end being was higher by 33, Golden Delicious 32, and Jonagold's by 31 %. The residual effect of storing the apples treated with the mentioned preparation was longer than the control ones, including Rainette Syimyrenko by 11 days, Golden Delicious by 15, Jonagold by 6 days. When removing from the storage the fruits, not affected by diseases, it appeared, %: cvs Rainette Symyrenko by 97, Golden Delicious 96, Jonagold 95. The pre-treatment with 1-MCP reduced the studied varieties fruits by wilting, swelling, subcutaneous spots and microbiological rots. In the fruits treated with this drug, there was a slowdown in the physiological and biochemical processes, slowdown was observed in the apples treated with this preparation thanks to which the natural fruits weight losses were lower, their density higher and consumption characteristics better than those in the control.

Key words: apple fruits, preparation OberigPRO, 1-methylcyclopropen, storeability, diseases when storing, quality.

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