Pectin content in the strawberry fruits when cultivating in different regions of Ukraine

UDC 631.576:634.75:547.458.88:551.515

Pectin content in the strawberry (Fragaria ananassa Duch.) fruits when cultivating in different regions of Ukraine / Shevchuk  L.M. // Sadivnytstvo (Horticulture). 2017. 72. P. 136-142. Refs.: 9. in Ukrainian.

The multi-year analytical studies of the strawberry fruits selected in different regions have resulted in revealing the variability of the pectin substances content in them. The author has researched 16 foreign and inland cultivars. The regions have been determined where the weather conditions are favourable for the pectines accumulation, cvc singled out with the maximum, average and minimum those substances content and which are homeostatic concerning this index. The fruits that are grown at the Institute of Horticulture (NAAS) accumulate above 0.70% of the pectin content established for different regions of Ukraine (0.77%). The amount of these substances in the fruits of  Polka, Zenga Zengana and Bagryana in the regions where the investigations were carried out was higher than the average in the regions.

Key words: strawberry fruits, pectin substances, regions of cultivation, weather conditions, variation coefficient, homeostasis.
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