Estimation of the genus bacillus bacterial strains antagonist properties

UDC  632. 937

Estimation of the genus bacillus bacterial strains antagonist properties / Boiko .V., Patyka .., Patyka N.V., Vintskovska Y.Y.  // Sadivnytstvo (Horticulture). 2017. 72. P. 148-154. Refs.:12. in Ukrainian.

The authors have investigated the antagonistic properties of the strains of the g. Bacillus (B. thuringiensis 87/3 selected in vitro and B. thuringiensis 800 reference strain) concerning the test organism Venturia spp (the apple scab causative agent). There are significant changes of the micromycetes morphogenesis under the influence of the strain Bt 87/3, in particular, expression of the lysis specific zones, changes of  the density, thickness, the direction of the mycelium growth, and of the inhibition of the conidia germination within 86-93%. The inhibitory effect difference in the degree of the B. thuringiensis strains cultural liquid was shown on the test-cultures Fusarium spp. from 54.0 to 60.0%. The metabolites of spore-forming bacteria, besides the entomocidal activity against phytophages have appeared to be of considerable interest as for the microbial interaction and as the basis of the preparations of the multifunctional actions. Those metabolites present selective activity and do not break the natural biocoenosis.

Key words: Bacillus thuringiensis, antagonistic activity, phytopathogenic organisms, spores titer, cultural liquid, microbial preparations.
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