Dogwood fruits favourability for freezing

UDC 631.634.33:631.569

Dogwood (Cornus mas L.) fruits favourability for freezing / Postolenko Ye.P. // Sadivnytstvo (Horticulture). 2017. 72. P. 142-148. Refs.: 8. in Ukrainian.

The author presents the results of the researches on the dogwood fruits (the cultivars Mykhailivsky and Lukyanivsky) storage as frozen for six months and has substantiated scientifically the peculiarities of preserving their quality when freezing in the air medium as spilled and in the steep sugar (concentrations of 20 and 40%). The  ascorbic acid and  antozians preservation in the berries  frozen in the sugar after storing during the mentioned period appeared higher by 1. 3-1.5 and 1.5-1.9 times respectively as compared to the air medium. According to the complex of the quality indices cvs have been selected the fruits of which are favourable for freezing.

Key words: dogwood, quality, freezing, steep sugar, biochemical composition, preservation.
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