Cherry fruits affection by cherry fruit fly

UDC 632.038:631.526.32:634.23:632

Cherry (Cerasus vulgaris Mill.) fruits affection by cherry fruit fly (Rhagoletis cerasi L.) / Vasylenko V.I., Moiseichenko N.V., Kytayev O.I. // Sadivnytstvo (Horticulture). 2017. 72. P. 89-93. Refs.: 11. in Ukrainian.

The authors have presented the results of six-year studying cherry cultivars on the problem of their affection by cherry fruit fly. The researches were carried out in the experimental orchards of the Institute of Horticulture (NAAS). The fruits of cv Petrova Rodinka have appeared less susceptible to the affection by the mentioned insect thanks to their early ripening term. The cultivars Heyman and Griotte Jelly have their advantages owing to the individual peculiarities of their plants. At the same time Suputnytsya and Muza have considerable fruits affections by the studied pest.

Key words: cultivar, pest, cherry fruit fly, affection, fruits, ripening, trees weakness.
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