Sour cherry elite hybrid forms functional diagnosis

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Sour cherry (Cerasus vulgaris) elite hybrid forms functional diagnosis / Vasylenko V.I., Moiseichenko N.V., Kitayev O.I., Grusha V.V. // Sadivnytstvo (Horticulture). 2015. 70. P. 169-175. Refs.: 15. in Ukrainian.

The authors present the results of researching functioning of the leaf apparatus of the cherry elite hybrid forms trees. The plants functional state was studied by means of the instrument Floratest determining the induction changes of the chlorophyll fluorescence in leaves. The analysis of green pigments in them was carried out in spirit extracts applying the spectrophotometric method. As for the parameters which characterize potential photosynthetic effectivity and productivity of trees it is the forms 3/3 and 3/6 that were recognized as the most productive ones. The rather high adaptivity of the leaf apparatus of the trees of all the forms to the changes of the enlightening conditions was revealed concerning the indices of the chlorophyll induction of Fp1 and Fp2 and the green pigments content in leaves. As regards the coefficient of plateau Kpl viral infection was not detected.

Key words: cherry elite hybrid forms, chlorophyll fluorescence, photosynthetic activity,  adaptivity,  productivity,  leaf apparatus,  pigments content.

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