Productivity of different types of apple orchards in the South of Ukraine

UDC 634.11:631.541.11(477.7)

Productivity of different types of apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) orchards in the South of Ukraine / Rastorguyev O.B. // Sadivnytstvo (Horticulture). – 2015. – 70. – P. 57-63. – Refs.: 12. – in Ukrainian.

The author presents the results of researching for many years the influence of different constructions of intense orchards upon the trees growth processes, yield and economic effectiveness of the production of fruits of 5 apple cultivars in the Southern Steppe of Ukraine. The planting plans 4 х 0.5 and 4 х 0.75 m and the crown formation under the pillar system have appeared to increase the orchard productivity by 2.1-2.6 times as compared to 4 х 2 m (the plant shape is freely growing bush (control). At the same time creating the orchards  of this type requires the increase of costs nearly by 2 and expenditures of labour by 1.9 timesas compared to the control variant.

While planning the establishment of such orchards that are the most intense it is necessary to take into consideration the availability of the sufficient current capital and labour resources in the farm.

Key words: apple, type of orchards, growth, fruit mass, productivity, economic effectiveness.

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