New machines for the branch of horticulture in Ukraine

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New machines for the branch of horticulture in Ukraine / Pryvalov I.S., Tymoshok I.V., Sokolov V.O., Maibenko M.I., Petrenko S.O.// Sadivnytstvo (Horticulture). Ц 2015. Ц 70. Ц P. 209-216. Ц Refs.: 8. Ц in Ukrainian.

The authors present the analysis of the state and promises of the horticulture mechanization development in Ukraine and the data of the labour expenditures on carrying out main technological operations concerning the management of orchards.
The list of the machines is given that are being developed or already have been developed and are made at the Institute of Horticulture (NAAS of Ukraine), their brief description, constructive peculiarities of the tools and principle of work, distribution about technological complexes for the fruit, small fruit and planting stork production. The description is accompanied with the pictures of same of them.
The results of the machines production tests are presented with the reflection of their technical and technological indices.

Key words: intensive horticulture, technological complexes and operations, machines, tools, tests, productivity.

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