Hawthorn micropropagation in vitro

UDC: 634.17:581.143.6

Hawthorn micropropagation in vitro / Serzhuk O.P. // Sadivnytstvo (Horticulture). Ц 2015. Ц 70. Ц P. 197-201. Ц Refs.: 11. Ц in Ukrainian.

In the process of our researches the most intensive reproduction of hawthorn in vitro was observed when adding cytokinin (in the range from 1.0 to 1.5 mg/l) to the nutrient medium, including 6-benzylaminopurine on the  background of 0.01Ц0.1 mg/l of auxins (indole-3-acetic acid). The propagation coefficient increased as the 6-benzyladenine concentration in the medium rose to 2.0 mg/l, however the formation of vitrificational shoots was observed.
The morphogenetic activity depended on the parent plant genotype of the hawthorn  morphogenesis in vitro and propagation coefficient on the  phytohormones content in the nutrient medium, their balance and the propagated material genotypes.

Key words:  genus, genotype, hawthorn, micropropagation, morphogenesis, nutrient medium.

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