Spread of the raspberry viral diseases in the Ukraines Lisosteppe

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Spread of the raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) viral diseases in the Ukraines Lisosteppe / Taranukho M.P., Taranukho J.M. // Sadivnytstvo (Horticulture). 2015. 69. P. 192-198. Refs.: 8. in Ukrainian.

The authors have determined the degree of the raspberry viral diseases spread which influence the economic indexes of raspberry cultivars with different resistance and shown the phytovirological state of this plantations in the Ukraines Lisosteppe. The data obtained with the use of the immune-fermentative analysis (IFA) have detected the high level of the latent infection with Raspberry ring spot virus, Arabis mosaic virus, Strawberry latent ringspot virus, Raspberry bushy cvs dwarf virus. It is raspberry ring spot virus that is mostly spread in the latent form. While selecting sound mother plants testing them on the presence of the latent infection is recommended with using IFA, plants-indicators and electron microscopy. 

Key words: viral diseases, raspberry, spread, diagnosis, IFA, testing, electron microscopy.

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