Selection of the cherry promise cultivar Ц rootstock combinations to create intense orchards

UDC  634.23:631.541.1:631.96

Selection of the cherry (Cerasus vulgaris Mill.) promise cultivar Ц rootstock combinations to create intense orchards /Kishchak H.A., Kishchak Y.P.,  Lysanyuk V.G., Vasyuta V.M. // Sadivnytstvo (Horticulture). Ц 2015. Ц 69. Ц P. 44-53. Ц Refs.: 13. Ц in Ukrainian.

The authors present the results of estimating 8 cherry cultivars on 4 low-holed vegetatively propagated rootstocks in an orchard. During the first years after planting the cultivars Podbyelska, Alpha and Turgyenyevka on VSL-2 were characterized with delay in growth and desiccation of the trees, breaking off in the place of grafting. Breaking off was caused by the appearance of a strong suberous isolating layer in the point of grafting on the entire profile. The trees on the rootstocks P-3  and  P-7 distinguished themselves for the highest growth processes intensity. For the most impartial assessment of the cultivar-rootstock combinations compatibility it is necessary to use three-four year-trees applying the methods of U. Yadava, S. Doud (1978). Perspective cvs of the cherry-sweet cherry origin, among them Chudo on VSL-2, P-3, P-7 and Nochka on VSL-2 and PN as well as Turgyenyevka on P-3 and PN have been recommended for the creation of the researched crop intense orchards.

Key words: cherry, cultivar, rootstock, orchard, good state of trees preservation, compatibility, infructescense, yield, income, profitableness. 

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