Proliferation activity of the apple cultivar Bolotovskoye concerning polyploidy

UDС 634.11:581.16

Proliferation activity of the apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) cultivar Bolotovskoye concerning polyploidy / Dzhafarova V.E. // Sadivnytstvo (Horticulture). – 2015. – 69. – P. 23-28. – Refs.: 16. – in Russian.

The influence of the Murashige-Skoog (MS) and I.M. Fardzinova (F) media on the proliferation activity of the scab immune apple cultivar Bolotovskoye has been studied in the condition of in vitro. The conglomerate of this cultivar has appeared to develop more active on the F medium in its different modifications. The F-4 medium provides the highest coefficient of the propagation. In the process of the researches the proliferation of buds predominated over shoots irrespective of the F medium modi-fication. The application of this medium enables to intensify the stage of the micropropagation itself and to increase the bud yield. It is expedient to involve the mentioned medium to the technology of the investigated cultivar micropropagation.

Key words: apple, in vitro, micropropagation, cultivars, propagation coefficient, buds, shoots, triploid.


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