Plum pox virus on cherry: spreading, diagnosis, stamms

UD 631.541.1:634.20

Plum pox virus on cherry (Cerasus vulgaris Mill.): spreading, diagnosis, stamms / Prikhodko Y.N., Shneider Y.A., Zhivayeva T.S., Morozova O.N., Vasyuta S.A. // Sadivnytstvo (Horticulture). 2014. 68. P. 258-274. Refs.: 48. in Russian.

The authors   report about the detection of the new Plum pox virus stamm Cherry Russian (PPV-CR) and identification of the isolates  PPV of the stamms Cherry (PPV-C) and Dideron (PPV-D).
1 Tabl., 7 Figs.

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